Memorial day weekend Chanderpaul T10 Competition

SHIV CHANDERPAUL(SICC) TEN OVER SOFTBALL EXPO ( working to have Shiv Chanderpaul  available )

DATE: May 25th & 26th, 2019(Memorial Weekend)

VENUE: SARASOTA INTERNATIONAL CRICKET CLUB GROUND (We will be using two fields at this facility)

                 7401 University Parkway, Lakewood Ranch (Sarasota), Fl 34202


                  Tel: (407) 242- 6947

TIME: 9am start on both days

REGISTRATION: The first EIGHT teams to register will be considered for the tournament. A registration fee of $125 per team is required, and must be PAID by April1st, 2019

DIRECTIONS: From SOUTH– Take I-75 North and exit at University Parkway (exit #213). (Z) Go EAST on UNIVERSITY PARKWAY for about 5 miles- past traffic light at Lorraine Rd. See ground on your left.

From ORLANDO: Take I-4 WEST to I-75 SOUTH, then exit at University Parkway (exit 213) and follow directions above from Z

From OCALA: Take I-75 SOUTH then exit at University Parkway (Exit 213) and follow directions above from Z.

Hotels:  Information on hotels will follow.

Play shall be governed by THE LAWS OF CRICKET and by these playing conditions:

Eight teams shall compete in two divisions, with each team playing each other in the division once. Two points shall be awarded for a win and one for a tie. At the end of the divisional matches, ALL teams from each division will advance to the playoff stage for QUARTER FINAL matches, then SEMIFINALS. The winners from SEMIFINAL MATCHES  will play in the FINAL.

Teams shall consist of eleven players. Players can only play for one team.

A substitute is permitted only if it is to replace a player injured during the course of the match.

The matches will be ten (6 ball) overs per inning.

The wicket keeper is allowed to bowl.

Only a 5/4 field placing is allowed on either side of the wicket.

Bowlers will only be allowed to bowl 2 overs per inning.

A Batsman will retire at 35 runs. Retired batsmen may bat again, in order of retirement, if the rest of the batting side is dismissed.

Wide and No Balls shall result in a penalty of TWO runs to the batting side.

A full pitch ball above the batsman’s head in his normal stance shall be called a NO BALL

A ball bouncing above the batsman’s head in his normal stance shall be called a NO BALL.

There will be no LBW decisions.

Any disputes shall be decided by the tournament referee whose decision is FINAL.

Each team will be allowed 30 minutes to complete bowling the allotted ten overs. It is very important to complete the overs in the specified time. Please remember TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

Teams must be at the clubhouse for the coin toss 20 minutes before the start of their match. Teams must take the field immediately following the finish of the preceding game. Failure to be present for the start of your game will result in forfeiture of points to the opposing team.

Please note we are trying to introduce SOFTBALL cricket to a group of expats at Sarasota, and at the same time to promote softball cricket on the West Coast of Florida.

The following trophies will be awarded:

Winner, Runner Up, Best Batsman, and Best Bowler, MVP for Semifinals and Finals

It is imperative that all patrons use the bathroom facilities provided, and all trash be placed in trash receptacles.

Your utmost respect for the facilities would be greatly appreciated.

Strictly  no packages and no coolers. All vehicles will be checked at the entrance gate.

Please park only in the designated areas.

No footwear with metal spikes allowed.

All teams are requested to be attired in their team uniforms or be dressed in WHITES.

The umpire’s decision is final and no dissent will be tolerated.

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Caribbean CC – Tom Bacchus – (407) 492-2615;Sarasota CC – Chris Thakoorpersad – (407) 242-6947;

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