OSCL 2019 Fall Competition starts on September 29th, 2019


The OSCL was overwhelmed with the response to our request for donations to provide meals to the Orphanages in Guyana during our visit. We wish to express our sincere thanks to those who donated to this enterprise, and offer our commitment that this will be done in accordance with the wishes of all the donors. The feeding and care of Orphans is paramount in God’s commands and provides an opportunity to receive His blessings for this noble deed. It is our fervent prayer that the Almighty reward you generously for your commitment and efforts, and the OSCL expresses our thanks and gratitude to you for your confidence in us to undertake this noble cause. We are especially thankful to the following:

K & M USA Enterprise
Nayeem Ullah
Universal Paint & Construction (Raj)
Vish Singh Construction
Tikka Persaud (Main Street
Naz Hassan (East West )
Tom Bacchus & Family
Deodat Hereman – Son (RC)
Rizwan Assad(Car)
Red’s Pertab (Eagles)
Wayne Nanam(RC)
Ramesh Persaud – Chinese (R/S)
Krishna Persaud (Ocala)
Danny Danraj
Sham Verisammy (RC)
Daniel Sadeo(O/V)
Shamier Ali (Car 2)
Motiram Singh – Sonboy (RC)
Gavin Sewpersaud (Car)
Lake Arjune (Ocala)
Prince Sattaur (C/R)
Shafeek Shafee
Charley Bisram(Ocala)
Adam Saheed (Car)
Lakram Lildat (Car)
Harry Lakeram
Seepaul Basdeo
Sharo Khan

Robert Persaud (Eagles)
Dave Singh (Ocala)
Devin Jiawon(Grizzlies)
Navin Jiawan (Grizzlies)
Navin Ramnauth (West Coast)
Shaun (C/R)
Ramoo Shiwbarran (Ocala)
Nazeer Khan (R/C)
Jagat Parsuram (Car)
Neville Williams – Junior (C/R)
Anand Gossai(R/C)
Shahab Ali(West Coast)
Rex & Leema
Tazim Bacchus (Car)
Fizool Bacchus
Tony Kissoon
Navin A Tec- Solution
Jameel Yussuf (Car)
Mike Singh (Car)
Amar Singh (S/F)
Jai Baijnauth (O/V)
Samaroo Law Firm
Charly De Cruiz (Grizzlies)
Roxana & Michael Daniel
Sam & Sally Samaoo
Feezo Sheriff
Iqbal Sheriff

Registration Deadline

The deadline for all teams to submit their list of players for the OSCL fall 2019 competition is due on October 06, 2019 at midnight.  Please click here to download the OSCL registration form.


The OSCL wishes to reiterate and emphasize the importance of having in our
possession the submission of scoresheets and all relevant information in a timely
manner, in order to ensure the accuracy of the final release.
We wish to express our thanks to those teams that submitted their score sheets and
especially those that was accurate.  Please be advised that for game two submission of
inaccurate players’ names and other relevant information will not qualify the offending
team to receiving any bonus points. All for your information and guidance..
 Must be submitted by Tuesday midnight, including playoff games.
 Must be submitted to Statz@oscl.info

2019 Summer Competition

OSCL is pleased to officially confirm that the 2019 Summer Competition will commence on Sunday June 23, 2019. We wish to remind all participants that an early registration is required.

OSCL would like to thank you for your kind cooperation, and wish you every success in the upcoming games.


The OSCL takes this opportunity of extending our sincere congratulations to the following teams
West Coast CC (Premier Division), Main Street CC (Division1) & Phantom CC (Division 2) that
was successful in winning the championship in the 2019 Spring Finals. 
The day turned out to be a very pleasant one with lots of sunshine. The number of spectators
added so much to the day’s enjoyment and the atmosphere that existed. 
Thanks to all of our sponsors especially Island Fusion and G & V Excavating. 
The OSCL also wishes to extend our thanks to Steve Sarju for donating the raffle prizes and to
Deodat Hereman (Son) and Nandkishore Phanisnarine (Plantin) for their contributions. To all the
teams that were participants in the games, we also offer our congratulations for the competitive
spirit that was displayed and the gamesmanship exhibited.
“United We Play”
“United We Achieve”


OSCL’s 2019 spring competition is nearing its finale´ with the completion of the regular
season and commencement of the playoffs. It was undoubtedly an action-packed and
memorable season.

Our congratulations to West Coast CC (Premier Division), Main Street CC (Division – 1)
and Phantom CC (Division – 2) on achieving in the regular season first place.

Congratulations to all teams making the playoffs and good luck.

Special thanks to all of the teams for great sportsmanship and dedication to
making OSCL’s Spring competition a success.

 “United We Play”
“United We Achieve”
  Good Luck to All!


We are pleased to announce that the OSCL was invited to participate in the NYSCL Independence Cup, Legends Cup (Over 45) and the Pro Cup (Over 50) slated for Friday June 28 ending on Sunday June 30, 2019.
The OSCL have confirmed that we will be partake in the games. Please be advised that those wishing to take part should make an early contact with Tom Bacchus @ 407-492-2615.
Space is limited so please ensure you communicate early your willingness to be a part of the games. This will also ensure that the teams are adequately constituted to achieve a successful competition.


It is with great pleasure and a sense of pride that the OSCL extend our sincere congratulations to the teams that participated in the 2019 Florida Cup Tournament Finals. We were heartened that our teams Orlando AllStars and Orlando Masters reached the semi finals, but moreover that the Orlando Legends was victorious in the finals. The OSCL extend our thanks to all who participated in the event, and the special effort expounded to ensure that we can celebrate the victories so richly deserved. The OSCL will carry with pride and joy this eventful event in our hearts and we look forward to many more successful victories.

OSCL Fall 2018 Champions

2018 Spring Campions

Premier Divsion Champion Orlando Masters
Division One Champion Royal Challenger

The OSCL takes this opportunity of offering our sincere congratulations to the two teams that prevailed in winning the championships held on Sunday July 22, 2018 at Hogshead Park.

The Royal Challengers in Division-1 and the Orlando Masters in the Premier Division must be highly complimented in achieving the wins they richly deserved. The teams’ commitment and diligence in playing undoubtedly resounded to their success. Our congratulations and best wishes for the triumph you so richly deserved.

We will be amiss not to use this forum to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the many who donated and contributed, financially in kind and in their moral support. Their support ensured the success of the games and provided a lasting memory of the occasion. We look forward to the future continued support of all sponsors and wish them well in their undertakings and enterprises.


We wish to express our thanks to those teams that submitted their score sheets and especially those that was accurate. We observed that several teams have been tardy in the submission of their score reports. Please be advised that inaccurate player’s names(registered name) and other relevant information will not qualify the offending team to receiving any bonus points. In addition, please attached all score sheet to an email and DO NOT send a scured link to the file. Incorrect information not only hampers the efficiency of our organization, but places an indirect hindrance to members of the team who performed well in matches and expects to be highlighted and recognized. As a reminder scoresheets should be submitted to statz@oscl.info by Tuesday midnight.


Triple J Enterprise (Shahab)

Solomon Auto Body & Auto Sales (Ali)

Main Street Collision (Tika)

Rum Jungle/Annie’s Restaurant & Bar (Ronnie)

Kharissa Trucking & Kameilia Cares (Plantin)

Archis Technology (Navin)

Timehri’s Restaurant & Bar (Lake)

FasTax Account (S. Ali)

Aftab Trucking (Shafiek)

Shafeeza Supermarket Inc. (Prince)

GV Trucking & Excavating (Bertie)

Fuzion Nations Resto Lounge (Maddan)

Nari Sooklall (RC)

Premier Internal Medicine Of Ocoee (Dr. Khan)

Will & Mike Trucking (Zac)

K & M Trucking (Zac)

Red’s Auto

Regency Paint & Body Shop

EZ Carpet Cleaning (Errol)

Sunshine Painting & Remodeling (Steve Sarju)

Central Hauling & Excavating/Central Crusher, LLC (Herb)

Raj Travel Service /Crusies & Tours

Sip N Chat Restaurant & Lounge Inc.

Sanjay Trucking

RIA Investments (Adam)

K- Glen Atchana “Realtor”

Kenneth Sadeo

Bacchus Auto

Carpet Installation (N Khan)

Windomania Inc (Wayne)

Jai Baijnauth 

Scorpion Sounds (DJ Gavin & Zaman) 

Dee Kooma & family

Sureain Sawh (N.Y)

G & V Auto Body (VO N.Y)

V & V Auto Customizing (Varone)

Mike Nath Air Services (RC)

LBU Lightning (Son)

Ravi & Son Welding Service (RC)

Sherwin Williams Paint

Big G Auto Body shop (NY)

Cricket Zone Trophy World  

Daniel Trucking

Mel Trucking

Avalar Broker & Real Estate (Dave)

Unique Painting & Remodeling (Dado)

Bharosay & Company LLC ( BO)

Metro Smiles (Dr. Patel)

PS Freight (Paul Singh)

CMI Inc. (Devin)

Mike Singh (Caribbean)

Ryan’s Electronics, Inc. (Lake)

360 Halal (Abass)

Neville Williams (Junior)

Ramdial Dass

East West Travel Service (Leema)

Liberty Homes Sales Inc. (Ramko)

Tri State Courier Inc.

Vish Singh’s Construction & Homes

Prince Sattaur & Family

Anand Gossai (RC)                                                                   

GAC Imports (Tony Kissoon)

Phantom CC (Naresh)

Flagler Insurance (Raj)

Harry Lakram

Seepaul Basdeo

Good Homes Pharmacy (AL)

Enterprise Bakery (Rahman)

A-Tec Solutions, LLC (Navin Kumar)

Carpet Cleaning & Handyman Service (Ramo)

Mark Gajraj


  • Daniel Sadeo – 321-388-2499
  • Tom Bacchus – 407-492-2615
  • Shavesh Sarran – 347-206-3893
  • Leema Jiawan – 407-516-4941

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