Upcoming Events

  1. 2022 Summer Competition- May 15, 2022
  2. Independence Cup-July 1-3, 2022
  3. Prime Minister Cup-TBA

2022 Summer Preliminary Roster

Eagles CC

  1. Gawkar Bassant-Jake
  2. Vishwanath Bassant-Nav
  3. David Haricharran
  4. Dharmendra Kooma-Dee
  5. Abu Mohamed
  6. Randy Pearaylall-Sugar
  7. Neal Pertab
  8. Reds Pertab
  9. Rick Rahaman
  10. Bhojnarine Ramjas-Bo
  11. Chait Samuels– Ramesh
  12. Vijai Singh – Rick
  13. Rudy Shivraj
  14. Detlef Stewart – Stu
  15. Vid

Caribbean  CC

  1. Saheed Adaam
  2. Lakeram Arjune
  3. Afzal Bacchus-Abo
  4. Hakim Bacchus-Tom
  5. Kassim Bacchus-George 
  6. Shazad Bacchus-Tazim
  7. Seepaul Basdeo -Mahesh
  8. Khemo Boodhoo
  9. Ravin Churman – Shavie
  10. Rahman Khan
  11. Lakeram Lildat-Jai
  12. Omar Sahib
  13. Ramkumar Seenarine-James
  14. Terry Seenarine
  15. Gavin Sewpersaud
  16. Dave Singh
  17. Nayeem Ullah

Phantom CC

  1. Dillon Bisram
  2. Pooran Changour
  3. Rocky Ganesh
  4. Jimmy Khusial
  5. Naresh Patram
  6. Sanjay Patram
  7. Avinash Persaud
  8. Sachin persaud
  9. Parsram Rajaram
  10. Rajin Ramkaur
  11. Ganesh Ramnarine
  12. Nayan Rudria
  13. Ravi Seonauth
  14. Vivendra Singh-Mack
  15. Gary Young

Arsenal CC

  1.  Rian Abdool
  2. Raffi Alli
  3. Sunil Anthony
  4. Vick Arjune
  5. Kyle Furgus
  6. Munir Ghani
  7. Shy Kuldeep
  8. Joel Persaud
  9. Shane Persuad
  10. Mathew Sadeo
  11. Mark Sadeo
  12. Samuel Sadeo
  13. Mike Seetaram
  14. Terrence Sookdeo
  15. Steve Subrayan

Grizzlies CC

  1. Charlie Decruiz
  2. Anthony Deen-Taz
  3. Deendeyal Jiawan-Ragin
  4. Ganesh Jiawon-Devin
  5. Lildharry Jiawan-Navin
  6. Ian Lewis-Danny
  7. Raymond Jiawan
  8. Phillip Kissoon
  9. Davo Narine-Crimp
  10. Errol Ramnarain
  11. Randal Tapsy

Ocala Warriors

  1. Shahab Alli
  2. Anthony Conyers-Andy
  3. Dhaniram Parmanand-Rudy
  4. Tony Luckhoo
  5. Brian Motilall
  6. Chris Narine
  7. Anoopchand Persaud-Veru
  8. Beisham Persaud
  9. Govinda Ram
  10. Balgrim Ramgobin-Dado
  11. Mike Sarju
  12. Rishi Shiwood
  13. Ramo Shibarran
  14. Brandon Singh
  15. Manaraj Singh
  16. Motiram singh-Sonny
  17. Ramcharran Singh

Spring 2022 Champions

Division 1- Masters CC

Division 2 - Royal Challengers

Division 3 - Ocala Warriors

2022 Spring Competition Highlights


The OSCL was overwhelmed with the response to our request for donations to provide meals to the Orphans, Fyrish Mosque, The Good Samaritan Home, Ana Regina Mosque and the Dharamsala in Guyana during our visit. We wish to express our sincere thanks to those who donated. The feeding and care of Orphans & elderly is paramount in God’s commands and provides an opportunity to receive His blessings for this noble deed.
It is our fervent prayer that the Almighty reward you generously for your commitment and efforts, and the OSCL expresses our thanks and gratitude to you for your confidence in us to undertake this noble cause.
We are especially thankful to the following:-                                                                                                              Caribbean 1 Team                           Caribbean 2 Team                                  Qayaaam Farouk-NY                           Tazim Bacchus                                Saheed Adam                                          Rudy Dhaniram-Ocala
Terry Seenarine                               Arjune  Lakeram                                      Tikka Persaud             
Jameel Yusuff                                  Lakeram Lildat                                        Samaroo Law
Grizzlies                                           James Seenarine                                     Rozana Seesochan
Devin Jiawon                                   Gavin Sewpersaud                                  Roxana Daniel                                  
Navin Jiawan                                   Tom Bacchus & Family                           Feezo Sheriff
Mikey Ahmarlall                              Rex & Leema                                            Anand Persaud (NJ)                      Mohan Singh-Canada                    Naz & Azeem Karamat-Canada            Dianand (NJ)          
Navin Kumar   
OSCL Legends must be highly complimented in achieving the wins they richly deserved. The team’s commitment and diligence in playing undoubtedly resounded to their success. Unfortunately despite the best efforts by all, they lost in the semifinals.
While it was disappointed to loose, it was refreshing to note that the games were played in good spirit, an in a very professional manner.
The OSCL will be amiss not to use this forum to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the many who donated and contributed, financially and in their moral support. Their support ensured the success of the games and provided a lasting memory of the occasion. We look forward to the future continued support of all and especially to our donors, and wish them well in their undertakings and enterprises.

2021 Summer & Fall Highlights

2021 Independence Cup Highlights

Tikka Persaud-MainStreet Collision. 
It is with great pleasure and a sense of pride that the OSCL extend our sincere congratulations to the Legends & All-Star teams that participated in the Independence Cup. We were heartened that the Legends team reached the semifinals. Unfortunately, the Legends was not successful in achieving the anticipated victory. Our thanks to all who participated in the event and we look forward to many more events. The OSCL will carry with pride and joy this eventful event in our hearts. While we are not sour to have lost our games, we are cognizant that there will always be winners and losers, but it is the spirit of the game that is paramount. A big thanks to our sponsors
MainStreet Collision
Samaroo Law Firm
Tony Kissoon
Tom Bacchus
Rex Jiawan
Lionel Fagu
Deodat Hereman-Son
Raj Seepersaud
Wayne Nanan


It is with great pleasure and a sense of pride that the OSCL extend our sincere congratulations to the teams that participated in the 2019 Florida Cup Tournament Finals. We were heartened that our teams Orlando AllStars and Orlando Masters reached the semi finals, but moreover that the Orlando Legends was victorious in the finals. The OSCL extend our thanks to all who participated in the event, and the special effort expounded to ensure that we can celebrate the victories so richly deserved. The OSCL will carry with pride and joy this eventful event in our hearts and we look forward to many more successful victories.


  • Daniel Sadeo – 321-388-2499
  • Tom Bacchus – 407-492-2615
  • Shavesh Sarran – 347-206-3893
  • Leema Jiawan – 407-516-4941

Orlando Cup 3 Sponsors

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